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Members : 77
Paid Members : 9
Total Url's : 382
Today's Surf : 0
Yesterdays Surf : 1528
Average Surf : 791
Current Surfers : 0
Total Banners : 64
Today's Shows : 236
Yesterdays Shows : 1639
Total Adverts : 92
Today's Shows : 490
Yesterdays Shows : 5568
Average Shows : 1130

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Rutakus Pixel TE Latest News
April 14, 2019 updates bitcoin payouts, etc : Welcome

Welcome to Rutakus Pixel TE!
Where we will Pixelate your Traffic

Things should be back to normal submit a support ticket if you have issues

Latest news here:

Current Daily Activity Bonus. Surf bonus every 300 pages get added to your account balance.

Referral Contest going on for 2 weeks as we are testing out our system for bug. Manual reward and counting will happen if system doesn't work. Contest end date not available until someone refers a person.
1st place gets $7 add to account balance
2nd place get $4.50 added to balance
3nd place get $2.20 added to account balance

Random extra surf credits for every 100 pages surfed has started

Don't need to surf to get view, We offer good deal on view and impression packages for your advertising needs. We have many different methods for cheat detection and anti-cheat systems in place to protect your investment.
Why use us? We are a family company with associates that have disabilities and our company is growing We are free traffic exchange and offer some money making options including commissions off ad sales. We may have cash contest and what not but this is not a money making site MLM or any other scam program. Only a traffic exchange. All payout are made with Paypal only and All purchase can only be done with Paypal at this time. If you join please check your spam or junk mail box in your email account as we think our server's IP was previously used for spam. We will be in the process of fixing that.

Minimum Payout for commissions/earning is $30 and right now Paypal is our only option But soon Bitcoin
Crypocurrency purchase options are available We are currently Accepting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. Please submit a support ticket within the our website to buy advertisements. Outside purchase options with out an account are coming soon. Email us if you don't want to use any support ticket system but make sure you can receive our email by marking us as safe. Our email:

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