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Members : 19
Paid Members : 7
Total Url's : 282
Today's Surf : 0
Yesterdays Surf : 67
Average Surf : 149
Current Surfers : 0
Total Banners : 63
Today's Shows : 14
Yesterdays Shows : 126
Total Adverts : 79
Today's Shows : 32
Yesterdays Shows : 386
Average Shows : 414

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Rutakus Pixel TE Latest News
We are still here and watching Updates to Rutakus Pixel Store prices lowered click here to read more. : Welcome

Welcome to Rutakus Pixel TE!
Where we will Pixelate your Traffic

Currently we are having a surf contest until end of the year 2018 December 31, 2018
First prize is $30, second prize is $20, 3rd prize is $10. Winners will have money added to their balance


Don't need to surf to get view, We offer good deal on view and impression packages for your advertising needs. We have many different methods for cheat detection and anti-cheat systems in place to protect your investment.
Why use us? We are a family company with associates that have disabilities and our company is growing We are free traffic exchange and offer some money making options including commissions off ad sales. We may have cash contest and what not but this is not a money making site MLM or any other scam program. Only a traffic exchange. All payout are made with Paypal only and All purchase can only be done with Paypal at this time. If you join please check your spam or junk mail box in your email account as we think our server's IP was previously used for spam. We will be in the process of fixing that.

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